What is Livewire?

When you’re a teen living with a serious or chronic illness, or a disability, it can be hard – and let’s face it, sometimes people just won’t get what you are dealing with! That’s why we created Livewire: a place for people like you. Whether you are from Australia or New Zealand, it’s a place you can make friends, share stories, laugh, have a vent, and just be yourself… whatever kind of day you’re having!

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Evolution of the Novel

The novel as we know it is the result of several thousand years of storytelling, a gradual evolution that begins a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Greece. Five books survive intact from the 1st to 3rd centuries that are known today as Ancient Greek novels. Written largely on papyrus they are remarkable for …

Washing your clothes for a healthier world!

Can you guess what daily practice produces half a million tonnes of plastic microfibers a year which contributes to ocean pollution … are you ready… IT’S WASHING YOUR CLOTHES! YEP! It is estimated that 35% is entering our oceans from the simple daily chore of washing the clothes we wear. Why is this happening & …

Save our Seas from Plastic!

I have two fantastic environmental ideas to report. Firstly: Adidas has teamed up with Parley for the Oceans, a group specifically brought together to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of the oceans, and to collaborate on projects to help end their destruction. Together, they produced the Ultraboost running shoe, made from plastic salvaged …

Meet the community

At Livewire, you’ll always be welcomed as one of the crew. Curious
about our members ? Get to know some of the peeps and your new whānau right here.

At Livewire, you’ll always be welcomed as one of the crew. Curious about our members ? Get to know some of the peeps and your new whanau right here.

Bart – LW

Hey, I am Bart! I work as a Chat Host and Livewire In Hospital facilitator. As a chat-host, my role is to facilitate and monitor social interaction by members, encouraging all members to help create a safe and fun place for all other members.


My name is Mackenzie but you can call me Mac or Kenzie! I am a current rep on the Livewire site and go by the username Rep_Kenzie.


I’m Mackie or Rep_McTruides. I play the piano and I love to read books! I am a passionate writer at heart, and I aspire to become a journalist!


Hi my name is Isabella. My favourite colour is purple and my favourite food is chocolate and mac and cheese. I am interested in art, music, swimming and reading.

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