4 Ways You Can Make A Difference In Your Own Wardrobe

Fashion isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea… but if we get down to the nitty gritty – we all wear clothes, which kinda means we all have an opportunity to make a change to the massive impact fashion (or clothes to put it simply) is having on our world!

Here’s one fact to get you thinking:

Did you know that textiles are the largest source of microplastics, accounting for 34.8% of global microplastic pollution? Every time you wash a synthetic garment, thousands of tiny microfibres are released into the water system, most of which end up in the sea. – Fashion Revolution

So what can you do?

As a lover of fashion myself, I’ve gotta say there are so many awesome things happening in the industry to ignite change and to embrace sustainable living. Fast fashion firstly is something to think about! If you wanna know more about that… head to a previous article here, also below is a simple chart to get your thinking on how small changes can make a whole lotta difference.

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Here’s some tips to get you helping the environment & igniting change within your own wardrobe.

1.Choose natural fibres where possible
This includes cottons (organic if possible), bamboo etc over polyesters.

Now sometimes choosing ONLY cotton or natural fibres can be tricky… Cotton at times is not as durable or tough as synthetic fibres, also you can’t really swim in cotton! The aim of the game here is to minimise where you can! Look out for recycled polyester where possible in clothing that just can’t be solely natural.

Small steps can ignite huge changes, so even just simply shopping with this in mind can help! If you end up with some un-natural fibres here and there, its ok – just be on the look out for where you can make changes and start from there 😉


2. Think before you buy!

When you’re heading into the shops and you see a 2 for 1 sale…or everything is 50% off…. stop and ask yourself ‘do you really need it!’. I know I’ve been guilty of over buying and then having those clothes just sit in my wardrobe without being worn (or only worn once or twice) and then tossed away.

Lets look at some details on why this is so important:

It is believed that the fashion industry unfortunately is now one of the biggest polluters in the world—second only to oil

YEP, second to oil!

Think before you buy, and think before you throw them away!

3. Head to the THRIFT store!

There is so much good fashion to go around and so many people give away some awesome pieces of fashion that you can grab at a steal! Yes they may be second hand, but can also be… oh …so ….good!

4. Set up a SWAP or BORROW!

Getting a group of mates together and having a huge swap or borrow market can be a fun thing to do! Swapping your clothes around can be like owning a massive wardrobe of awesomeness!

If you have a big event coming up and you don’t have the dollars or know if you buy something its only going to be worn once… than grab some mates and set up some borrowing or swapping!

Things to remember!

Depending on your circumstances it may not always be possible to shop in a way that is best for the planet. We can however try to make small changes. Our over-buying/throw-away culture is getting really outta hand… lets work together to make a change. Small steps… little by little 😉