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50 Talents for Livewire’s Got Talent

You might have heard Livewire’s Got Talent (aka LWGT) is back again 😎👀 Entries are open till 11.59pm AEST Sunday 30th April 2023, so log in and head to the LWGT article for all the info you need to join ✨

If you don’t think you have a talent to show for Livewire’s Got Talent, think again! Maybe you could learn a new skill, rediscover one you already have or find some inspiration in this list of 50 talents. With the miscellaneous category, there are so many options! Whether your talent is speedy, silly, creative, perhaps even slightly unsettling (I’m looking at you ‘Baking a Cake that Looks Like Something Else’), we want to see it!

  1. Play a song on your teeth (Here’s Keira Knightley playing Despacito)
  2. Rock an Air Guitar
    An asian woman wearing a cinderella inspired dress. She's on stage playing air guitar and things look intense!
  3. Draw something with your eyes closed
  4. Show your super speedy typing skills
  5. Finish a difficult level in a video game
  6. Recreate a famous landmark in Minecraft
    The Eiffel Tower in Minecraft at Sunset
  7. Remember a bunch of digits of pi
  8. Teach your dog a cool trick
  9. Bake a fancy looking cake
  10. Bake a cake that looks like something else!
    A woman with fair skin, blonde hair, wearing a black shirt holding a plate with a bust of herself on top, A piece is missing out of her bust's forehead revealing that it's a cake.
  11. Being able to do the perfect evil laugh
  12. Burp a beautiful melody
  13. Make a marble track
  14. Amaze us with a magic trick
  15. Fold a fitted sheet as if it’s a normal sheet
  16. Make a super long domino line
    Dominoes of varying colours swirling around on a hardwood floor
  17. Impersonate a celebrity
  18. Imitate an animal sound
  19. Show off your pen spinning ability
  20. List every country in alphabetical order
  21. Balloon animals!
    Balloon Animal Blob Fish
  22. Build a computer/keyboard
  23. Write a program that does something cool (but not one that messes with LW please!)
  24. Finish a really hard level on Beat Saber
  25. Show us how you make the perfect hard boiled egg every time
  26. Learn how to solve a rubik’s cube from youtube
    3x3 rubik's cube on top of 7x7 rubik's cube again multi-colour brick background
  27. Lip syncing well is a proper skill!
  28. Let out your inner comedian with some hilarious jokes
  29. Design a dress
  30. Eyebrow choreography

    A young boy and girl sitting next to each other for school photos. The girl is holding a pink balloon and the two kids have their eyebrows raised.
    Anyone remember that Cadbury ad and the kids with dancing eyebrows?
  31. Do you know what you’re listening to within the first five seconds of a song – that’s a talent!
  32. Upcycle an old piece of furniture
  33. Can you pack a suitcase like Marie Kondo?
    An open suitcase with clothes neatly rolled up and packed.
  34. Show us your creative make up looks
  35. Put together a difficult jigsaw puzzle
  36. Twisting your fingers to create amazing shadow puppets
  37. Finger-tutting – have you heard of it?
    Young black man in a purple shirt creating a square with his fingers
  38. Re-grow vegetables from scraps (it’s basically magic)
  39. Know how to do the perfect, balanced braid
  40. Keep sea monkeys alive in Tasmania for 6 months
  41. Peel a banana with your feet
  42. Make and launch a paper aeroplane that glides for aaaaages
    A yellow paper plane that looks similar to a jet
  43. Guess smells while blindfolded
  44. Make your bed really, really quickly
  45. Tie the perfect tie
  46. Water bottle flipping
  47. Create a fancy skipping routine

    A girl skipping and doing complicated trick. Text reads: Awesome Annie. Skill Level: Advanced. Start: Pretzel shape. Top arm: Criss cross shape. Bottom arm: Between leg doing figure of 8 shape
    Did anyone else do Jump Rope for Heart in primary school?
  48. Whistle really loudly
  49. Say hello in lots of different languages
  50. Chop an onion without crying