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Our Weekly Events Schedule

Here at Livewire Online we are jam packed with all sorts of rad events and streams!

Check out our weekly schedule below or head over the events page to see what else is on 📺


The Know Show

Navy brick background with yellow text "The Know Show - be in the know" underlined in blue

Time: 2pm AEDT

Your one stop stream for all the info about what’s coming up each week in Livewire land, brought to you by the Livewire Online team!


Pink and orange background with navy text "Quizbane"

Time: 4pm AEDT

Become a trivia whiz with this fun filled quiz brought to you by the Livewire Brisbane team



Newy Tuesday

Pink background central image of bridge and river. Blue and pink text "Newy Tuesday, Livestream 5.15-6pm". Two cartoon people pictured below

Time: 5.15pm AEDT

Livewire Newcastle bring the chill vibes and great chats for the ultimate Tuesday afternoon hang out session

Westie Kahoot

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Time: 6pm AEDT

Put your Kahoot skills to the test join the Livewire Westmead team for some epic quizzes



Ms. Squiggle

Black background, picture of computer and drawing above. Rainbow text reads "Ms. Squiggle" pencil tin pictured beside text

Time: 4pm AEDT

Play along and see if you can guess what masterpieces Livewire Randwick will make from crazy squiggles!


Logo Game

Yellow background. Red central box containing white writing "The Logo Game Thursday". Blue box top left with white writing "Presented by Livewire RCH"

Time: 5.15pm AEDT

Look familiar?! See if you can recognise the jumbled Logos Livewire RCH throw our way



Navy background. Rainbow central circle with orange text saying "Bingo"

Time: 8pm AEDT

Nothing says Sunday funday like a chill game of Bingo with our legendary Livewire Online team

Legend Convention 2022

A black banner that says "Legend Convention 2022" in red, yellow and white. It has a picture of a superhero leaping tall buildings.

Oh hey legends!

That’s right- it’s almost November, and that means it’s time for… Legend Convention 2022! Every player will receive special Legend Convention themed merch in the mail!

If you haven’t played Legend Convention before, welcome to our annual celebration of all things pop culture! It’s a month long festival of trivia, games, points and prizes 🤩.

Here’s how it all works!

  • You’ll need to be a verified Livewire Online member to participate – login or join now
  • We will be posting activities all through November where you can show off your pop culture skillz and knowledge, and earn points like the legend you are.
  • These points will be added to the Leaderboard of Legends. Don’t know what that is? It will be posted later this week and updated every few days!

There are lots of different ways you can earn points! So many, in fact, that we’ve listed them in an article in the Livewire community including how to get prizes and T&Cs.

Need help keeping track of what’s on? We’ve created this Legendary Calendar for you so that you know when what things are happening!

The Legend Convention calendar


These activities don’t need to be done on the day they are posted! You have until the end of November to complete the Trivia’s, Guessing Games, Treasure Hunt, and SuperHero Design Comp. You can play as many or as few of the Trivias and Games as you wanna. Make sure you log in once a week to be in the draw for the Weekly Log In Points!

Our Story

For the last two years, we’ve held an event named Storytelling, during which you send in a piece of writing and then are rewarded for doing so. It’s been fun, but this year things are a little different.


Yep. A book.

With the help of a wonderful publisher in Global Publishing and generous donor, we are making a real, hold in your hand, put on your coffee table, show off to your friends, professional book. Best of all is if you have a piece of writing published in the book or artwork used in the design of the cover leaf, you will receive your very own copy of the book.

What Can You Submit For the Book?

  • Story or collection of stories (500-2000 words maximum for all)
  • A poem or collection of poems (max 500 words, and maximum of three poems)
  • Uncategorised writing (max 500 words)
  • Lyrics (max 250 words)
  • A letter (max 500 words)
  • Film, play or musical script (250-2000 words)
  • Essay or essays (500-2000 words)
  • Article or articles (250-1000 words)
  • Prose (max 500 words)
  • Artwork for the cover design (no max entries)

You may submit one piece or one collection of writing–this must be the same category of writing (for example, three different poems). It must your own, original work and not exceed the maximum word count in brackets.

You may submit more than one piece of art for the cover leaf. This is not meant to be a full-cover, just something to be used as part of a collective creation. Again, any work must be your own, original work.

Not everything submitted is guaranteed to be used or published, but we will work with you to get a piece to the point that it can. Cover art may be more difficult to be used in its original form, but may serve as inspiration for design. Regardless, if something of yours contributes to the cover, you will receive credit on the interior.

How Do You Submit Something?

Upload to the newsfeed and tag @ourstory

If you want feedback please check in with @tommylw or any other host who is happy to provide some. You can also email [email protected] to get specific feedback on your work.

We Will Need Your Consent

If you are over eighteen, we can get it directly from you. If you are under eighteen, we will need to get in touch with a parent/guardian of yours. We’ll organise this part.

What Else is Happening?

  • Livestreams of games and discussions to help you get creative and have some fun
  • Articles that will help you or maybe just interest you
  • Newsfeed games
  • Chat rooms for discussion, Q & A, and to help each other with your writing
  • Fun facts about literature

When Do I Need to Share my Story by?

There’s no rush to get your story summitted, spend time developing it with the support of events and activates we have planned ☝
We don’t have an exact timeframe at the moment, we’re aiming towards end of October and will keep you all updated.

As usual, the community rules of Livewire apply for the content of your work. If you are unsure of something, or need clarification you can always ask a chat host.
This book will not be sold publicly once published, only Livewire Members, Starlight, the publisher and donor will have copies.
Each Livewire member who has art or a story in the book, will get one copy each.



Livewire Film Festival

Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s time for the Annual Livewire Film Festival 🎥👏

This March, we’re getting creative by making videos to share on Livewire. Jump online to check out some of the awesome past entries and find out more on how to enter. 

  • To participate you need to be a fully validated Livewire Member, so click Join Now on the home page to register
  • We are looking for videos under 5 minutes long!
  • Once your film is made, upload it to the LW TV page and tag @livewirecompetitions
  • Then, in April we will open voting for the People’s Choice Award – to be eligible to win you’ll need to vote in the People’s Choice Awards.
  • There will be prizesssss!!
  • And lastly, we’ll have a movie night- a Livewire Film Festival where we all hang out and watch all these awesome short films together!

But… I Don’t Know How To Make A Movie!

Oh yeah you do!! You just don’t know it yet. There are no limits to what you can make here. A stop motion. An animation. A documentary. An intro to you and your life. A review. A compilation of your favorite dance moves. A slideshow. An abstract. An opera performed entirely by your cats. Your film can be whatever you want it to be, made any way you like.

Filmmaking is a great way to be creative, fill in your time, and make something cool! As an added bonus, we’ll all get to hang out together (virtually) for our Film Festival, and you’ll get some awesome LW appreciation coming your way!!

So… what are you waiting for? Get planning, get story boarding, and get filming! Need help? That is what we are here for! When you’re logged into the Livewire community, ask a chat host for help, ideas, and tips if you need them.


Bingo banner

New Member Bingo!

Want to get your very own Livewire welcome pack?

Checkout our new member bingo here


Legend Convention – The Legend Continues

November. A month like any other…or is it!? Join the the Legend Convention Quest to win some awesome prizes!!

Simply join Livewire, then click attending on the Legend Convention event  Congratulations! You’ve just collected your first point on the path to being crowned Legend of Legends and scoring some wild prizes along the way!

Throughout the month you’ll have chances to collect additional points by:

– attending one of 10 dedicated trivia events on subjects ranging from Disney to DC, Shrek to Video Games, Musicals and much, much more!

– watching your favourite weekly live streams – Ms Squiggle, Quizbane and Cashphrase

– attending special events featuring guest artists and experts from the world of comics, gaming and pop culture based craft!

– staying alert (but not alarmed) for other opportunities as they arise.

Prizes include Nintendo Switches, EB Games vouchers, Pop! Vinyl, Harry Potter Wands and heaps of cool pop culture stuff you never knew you needed.

Plus gain 5 points and get a huge pack of Konix gaming gear and an EB games pack!!

We’ll be updating the competition leaderboard daily so stay tuned.

Best of luck in your quest! 🙂

Storytelling aka Kindlemania

Storytelling is back. Kindles are back! The whole crew is assembling. Are you ready?

Yep, it’s time – time to get your creative writing on. Every member who submits a piece receives a kindle – every. single. one. See the full article below for more info & T&Cs!

It’s been a big year since our last Storytelling September and in that time I’m sure you’ve had many moments of inspiration and come up with some truly wild new ideas! Maybe you’ve even thought about writing the sequel to your 2020 story!

Either way, budding authors of Livewire, this is your time to shine!

This is 100% cool beans buuuut where do I start?

Write what you know, be inspired by the works of others, write a stream of consciousness and see where you end up! The possibilities are endless! You could write with paper and pen, on your laptop or phone, or even via text-to-speech!
Take a walk in nature or the city, read a book, watch a movie or listen to music – inspiration is everywhere and often where you least expect it!

Note: all content needs to be Livewire appropriate (PG rated), and your own work. 🙂 

Your entry could be in any genre of storytelling – here are some examples and word count guidelines:

  • A poem or lyrics (max 250 words)
  • Short Story (500-2000 words)
  • Kids story (max 250 words)
  • A review i.e. movie, game, book (max 500 words)
  • A letter (max 1000 words)
  • Film, play or musical script (250-2000 words)
  • Storyboard or Comic (min 5 words + associated images)
  • Essay (500-2000 words)
  • Article (250-1000 words)

Did somebody say something about a Kindle?: We did! Besides sharing your story with an award winning community of certified legends and progressing on your path to become a New York Times Best Selling Author you also get…a Kindle! For real, everyone who sends us a story gets a Kindle! All of the entries will be uploaded onto it too!

Ok! I’m excited, how do I enter? Great question!

  • Step 1 – Get inspired
  • Step 2 –  Tell your story, give it a title
  • Step 3 – Post your Story to the site or Email your story to [email protected]
  • Entries open 1st September – Entries close Oct 10 2021 11:59pm AEST (Limited to one entry per current & validated Livewire Member. Max 70 Kindles are available for this giveaway after which Amazon Echos will be substituted instead)

We’ll upload your stories as articles to share with the community & tag you. We can’t wait to read all of your entries!

Livewire reserves the right to refuse entries if they do not meet the above criteria

Wanna Play DnD?

Wanna play Dungeons and Dragons on Livewire? Register your interest here!

Some thing to note…

  • Don’t worry if you can’t play or don’t know how- we are all going to learn together! Log in to check out the livestreamed games for a bit of insight into how the game works (kind of, we had no idea what we were doing).
  • Whether we play or not, we are going to run a Character Building Workshops in chat in late June- log in for more details. Even if you don’t want to play on LW, you can still build a character, just for fun, or to use to play elsewhere.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for an article series coming soon that lays out all the basics of game play, dice and characters!

Got something more to tell us, or have questions? PM a chat host, or email

Livewire’s Got Talent!

It’s that time of year again. The original, and still the best… Livewire’s Got Talent!

This is the comp where you can show off your skills, your talents, and the things that make your heart happy. Whatever your talent is, we want to see it. Create an account or sign up to take part now!

And, before you say it- yes, everyone has a talent! Even you! Notable past entries to LWGT have included hair and make up styling, cup stacking, swimming, and dog training. Think outside the box and enter with what you are good at- whatever that may be.

Here’s what you need to know to take part in the best, most fun comp we’ve ever run.


• Music- Do you sing? Play an instrument? Make cool mixes? Upload them as a video in LWTV, or email us your mp3/wav/audio files so we can post them.
• Photography / Visual Arts- This category is for photography (obviously) and any visual art you make, be that digital or pictures of physical flat artworks.
• Dance- Are you a dancer? We want to see it! Any style, videos under 5 minutes.
• Textile Arts & Craft- This is the category for sewing, macrame, sculpting, polymer clay, jewellery- all your crafty, makey things.
• Miscellaneous- Does your talent not fit in any of the above categories? Then Miscellaneous it is! This is the category for anything else, whatever that may be.

Entries open Saturday 1st May and close midnight Monday 31st May 11:59pm.

Voting will be done using a form in the Articles section of Livewire. The voting form will be published on Tuesday 1st June, and remain open until midnight 14th June. You can vote once per category.

The final prize announcement is coming soon! Stay tuned because we promise, you will want in on this- these are good prizes!
In addition to that, everyone who enters will receive a small prize in the mail in June.

How to get involved

Log in or register for more details, including how to enter and the T’s&C’s.

Gender Diversity- what’s that all about?

Here at Livewire, we’re a pretty accepting bunch. We know that people come in all types, shapes and sizes. We get that people have different tastes, likes and dislikes. And we understand that people have a wide variety of different identities and different ways of seeing themselves and their bodies.

One of the things that people often use to identify themselves is their gender. It might seem pretty simple- you are born a male or a female, and you stay that way. But that’s not always the way it works.

Sometimes, a person is born into a body that doesn’t fit the gender they feel they are. Someone might be identified as a male when they are born. But as they get older, they realise that the label of male, or boy, or man, just didn’t fit them at all. They know in their heart that their correct gender is female. It’s just that their physical body doesn’t fit that the gender they feel themselves to be.

Identifying as a gender different to the one you were born is called ‘gender diversity’, and it’s probably much more common than you think. There’s a few terms that fall under gender diversity, all of them slightly different. Some of the terms that you might come across are…

Gender Diverse- People who are gender diverse might be transgender, or agender, or non-binary, or might just be thinking and questioning how gender applies to them.

Transgender, or trans – This is where your physical body doesn’t represent the gender you know yourself to be. So, someone might be assigned a female gender at birth, but they know that inside, they identify as male.

Agender – This one applies to a people who feel that gender doesn’t actually apply to them at all. They don’t feel male or female.  They just feel like themselves, and the gender label doesn’t mean anything.

Non-binary – A bit like agender, people who identify as non-binary don’t feel like male or female specifically applies to them. They identify as neither male nor female, but another gender entirely.

Gender Fluid – A person who is gender fluid feels their gender may change from day to day. Some days they might be male, some days female, and some days neither.

Cisgender – Cisgender people are those that do identify with the gender they are assigned a birth. If you were assigned as a female at birth, and you feel like a female all the time- you’re cisgender.

All these terms are totally okay and can be great tools to use to tell other people how you see yourself. It’s up to individuals to decide what words they want to use to identify themselves. It’s okay for people to change their mind about how they identify as well. They might identify as transgender, and then a day, a week, a month or a year later, they will identify as something else. We’re all fluid, and our identity changes often.

If someone you know does identify as transgender or non-binary, they might ask you to change the way you refer to them. Changing your pronouns can be very important for some people, and often a difficult thing to express.

A pronoun is what you call someone when you’re not using their name. The most common pronouns are he/his/him and she/hers/her. Some people feel these don’t correctly apply to them, so they might ask that you use the pronouns they/theirs/them instead.  They/them/theirs are pronouns that mean the same thing as he/his/him, or she/hers/her, but are gender neutral.

Using the pronouns people prefer can be tricky sometimes- it can be difficult to remember to use the right pronoun when you’re used to referring to a person in a particular way. If you do slip up and use the wrong pronoun, just apologise, correct yourself and move on. It gets easier with practice!

That’s just some basics on gender and pronouns. Gender can be a pretty complex thing, and the way people identify can be fluid and changeable. What’s important is the person and what they mean to you. At Livewire, everyone’s welcome and we want everyone to feel comfortable. Recognising people’s different genders and the way they identify is just one small thing we can do to make sure everyone is accepted here, and that Livewire remains the safe, awesome space you all know and love.