Bridget - Livewire Rep


Tell us about yourself

Hey, I’m Bridget and love everything sporty and sciencey!

How long have you been on LW for? 

I’ve been on Livewire for over 3 years now!

What does LW mean to you?

Livewire is a place where everyone and their own experiences are accepted and validated. Even though no two people’s stories are the same, everyone can understand and relate to one another. This means that Livewire is a super supportive place where you can just be yourself and don’t have to hide anything. We love celebrating the wins, big and small, and we’re there for you when it’s getting tough. But most of all, Livewire is a place where you can forget about being sick for a little bit, chat with the hosts and other members, join livestreams, take part in competitions win a bunch of cool prizes!