Tell us about yourself

Heya, I’m Tay also know as Tayter, Tayzabeam and will respond to just about anything at this point 😛

I love spending my time at the beach and am always keen for an adventure with my sisters! I am very passionate about my love for iced lattes and enjoy creating macramé in my free time.

How long have you been on LW for?
I have been apart of the amazing Livewire community for nearly 2 years! I couldn’t imagine my life without LW now, it has truly changed it for the better.

What does LW mean to you?
Joining Livewire has been the best decision I have made, I joined when I was in a pretty dark spot, I had lost all my friends due to my health conditions and felt like an outsider. Livewire welcomed me with open arms and I have never looked back. It’s a place where everyone understands what it’s like to battle daily challenges that come along with living with a chronic illness or disability. There is always someone to chat to, a game to play, or a live stream to watch which makes you forget about your own struggles for a few moments