Tell us about yourself
Hi! I’m Kaitie, from SA, I have MPS type 1 Hurler Syndrome and I use they/them pronouns. I love to binge watch a good show: Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, and Heartstopper (just to name a few.) I have been dancing for the past 8 years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Dance is my passion and it’s a great outlet when I need to clear my mind. I also love photography!

How long have you been on LW for?
My friend was telling me about livewire for months before I joined. The Starlight Captains told me about it a few times. My mum started to ask me if I had joined yet I kept telling her no, until she asked me daily, when eventually joined (2019) I wished I had joined sooner.


What does LW mean to you?
For me, Livewire has been the best experience! It’s rare to meet people who understand what it like to live with a complicated medical condition, but here, I’ve made friends who can relate to and understand all things medical. I’m a very introverted person when it comes to social situations, but Livewire has helped me come out my shell. I’ve met so many great people and have made many friends all because of this amazing ‘space’.