Tell us about yourself
Hey hey hey! My name is Mackenzie but you can call me Mac or Kenzie! I am a current rep on the Livewire site and go by the username Rep_Kenzie. I absolutely love to dance, sing and do gymnastics! I am 14 years old which means I am currently in year 9, I really enjoy school. My conditions at this stage are an Arachnoid Cyst and constant headaches that never go away!

How long have you been on LW for?
To this date, I have been a member for around 3 to 4 years!

What does LW mean to you?
Livewire to me is a place where I can just be me! Everybody here is accepted no matter their situation is. On Livewire, the chat hosts and members are super friendly and are always ensuring that you are having the best possible time! It’s like my second family.