Tell us about yourself
Hiya all! I’m Mackie or Rep_McTruides. I am 17 and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Spaticity Diaplegia (CP for short), when I was born. If you don’t know the condition, it is basically a neurological disorder caused by brain damage at birth. Despite this, I have never let my diagnoses stop me from doing the things I love! I am a singer /songwriter, I play the piano and I love to read books! I am a passionate writer at heart, and I aspire to become a journalist! Oh – and very importantly, my favourite colour is PINK! 

How long have you been on LW for?
My Livewire journey began when I was only 12! (5 years!)

What does LW mean to you?
To me Livewire is a place where people, other than your family who know what your going through, just get you! Unlike friends at school, I feel like I belong and have a sense of community that is friendly, fun and inviting on Livewire! There’s always something to do or get involved with like; competitions, live-streams, events and just having a fun time talking to members in the chat room! Come join the fun on Livewire, we’d love to meet you!