Join our Kindness Challenge

What better way to kick off Meaningful March than by bringing you our very own Kindness Challenge! Join the challenge by March 22nd & complete five tasks in a row, and we will send you an art & craft-pack. Plus an extra prize if you complete them all!

We can hear you thinking…A Kindness Challenge? cool! but what’s that? 🤔

Well, before we give you the big reveal, here are some fun facts about Kindness.

Did you know that there are plenty of Scientifically proven benefits to practicing Kindness?
Tell me more, tell me more!

Practicing kindness can help to increase ⬆️ energy, happiness, oxytocin (the ‘💗 hormone’), and serotonin (the hormone that stabilizes our mood, and helps to create feelings of well-being)

Practicing kindness can help to decrease ⬇️ pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and blood pressure.

Also, did you know that practicing an act of kindness produces a positive ripple effect for those who experience and witness a kind act? It is scientifically proven that witnessing a kind act improves the mood of all witnesses and also makes the witnesses significantly more likely to perform an act of kindness themselves 👏. This means one kind act can produce a positive ripple effect for many 🙌.

And kindness is not just helping others – being kind to yourself is just as important!

Practicing Kindness can do all that?! How do I get involved in this challenge?!

Here’s how to get involved:

  • If you’re new to Livewire, create an account by clicking “Join Now” on the home page. Current members, just login in as usual.
  • Once you’ve joined or logged in, head to the Events tab and sign-up to the challenge by clicking attend on the Kindness Challenge Event by Friday, March 19
  • Start completing some of the tasks on the Kindness Challenge Poster (see the event). The main task in this challenge is Pass On The Kindness!
  • To pass on the kindness a chat-host will send you a message on Livewire with a list of names of everyone who is taking part, by Monday March 22
  • Respond to the chat-host and write a compliment or kind word next to each members name on the list by Wednesday, March 31

Wait… this all sounds cool but what do I get in return?

If you complete five tasks in a row in the Kindness Challenge, we will send you a mindful art & craft-pack! Just post your completed Kindness Challenge poster on the newsfeed by the end of March.

But wait, there’s more!

If you complete all tasks in the challenge you’ll get an extra prize. Is there a task you just can’t do? That is so fine! Choose any random kind task you can do for yourself, or someone else, and let us know you have done that instead.

And on top of getting to experience all the warms and fuzzies that come with being kind to others… at the end of the month we will send you your very own poster (and post a digital copy on the newsfeed) with all the kind things that other members have said about you 😊

💗 ahh the feeeeellllzzz!

Some tips for getting started: 

  • Your compliment doesn’t have to be much – just a couple of words or a short sentence is great! If you want to write something a little longer for a particular member, that’s great! You might just want to send the extended version to them, privately.
  • If you don’t know or haven’t chatted with a member on the list – check out their profile, ask a chat host about them or read something they’ve posted on the newsfeed to figure out what you think is the most awesome thing about them and compliment them for that  😊
  • We will post a document on the newsfeed with a list of positive character traits that you can look over to get a li’l bit of inspo!
Ok folks…Time to go spread that kindness!!