Legend Convention 2022

A black banner that says "Legend Convention 2022" in red, yellow and white. It has a picture of a superhero leaping tall buildings.

Oh hey legends!

That’s right- it’s almost November, and that means it’s time for… Legend Convention 2022! Every player will receive special Legend Convention themed merch in the mail!

If you haven’t played Legend Convention before, welcome to our annual celebration of all things pop culture! It’s a month long festival of trivia, games, points and prizes 🤩.

Here’s how it all works!

  • You’ll need to be a verified Livewire Online member to participate – login or join now
  • We will be posting activities all through November where you can show off your pop culture skillz and knowledge, and earn points like the legend you are.
  • These points will be added to the Leaderboard of Legends. Don’t know what that is? It will be posted later this week and updated every few days!

There are lots of different ways you can earn points! So many, in fact, that we’ve listed them in an article in the Livewire community including how to get prizes and T&Cs.

Need help keeping track of what’s on? We’ve created this Legendary Calendar for you so that you know when what things are happening!

The Legend Convention calendar


These activities don’t need to be done on the day they are posted! You have until the end of November to complete the Trivia’s, Guessing Games, Treasure Hunt, and SuperHero Design Comp. You can play as many or as few of the Trivias and Games as you wanna. Make sure you log in once a week to be in the draw for the Weekly Log In Points!