About Livewire
Livewire is a secure online community for 12 to under 21 year olds living with illness or disability, their siblings and parents.  Livewire is a program of Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia.

Livewire is committed to protecting the privacy of Livewire users. Livewire respects and upholds users rights to privacy protection under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act), the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) and other applicable State and Territory privacy legislation, in regulating how it collects, uses, holds and discloses information about them (Personal Information).

Collection of Personal Information and Imagery
All users must satisfy Livewire member criteria, and full community access members aged under 18 are required to satisfy the parental/guardian validation procedures in order to register to access the site.

Personal details provided for registration and collected by Livewire for identity authentication, eligibility and website access level allocation include full name, date of birth, address, e-mail, telephone number, condition type, Country or residence, ethnicity (NZ),  parental/guardian name, phone number e-mail. Once registered, users can create a profile and include personal information such as interests, health condition, pictures and videos which they may elect to make public to other users. In including such information users expressly consent to the collection of that information by Livewire, and its use and disclosure in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the terms of use of the Livewire site. The information in the user’s personal profile may be edited/updated by the user through their personal profile page.

Disclosure of Personal Information
Community rules apply when using the site including information that cannot be shared:

  •  Surnames
  • Personal Phone numbers
  • Personal Email addresses
  • Personal Address
  • Contact details and logins for other sites e.g. facebook, Instagram, SnapChat
  • Links to other urls (unless approved)
  • School name and location
  • Locations of other places regularly frequented (e.g. after school clubs)
  • Information that could be deemed harmful, offensive or inappropriate

Livewire will not disclose a user’s Personal Information to a third party unless consent has been received or disclosure is otherwise permitted by this Privacy Policy or the Privacy Act, including if Livewire has any concern about a user’s safety.

Information will be collected about how young people use the Livewire site (e.g. time of day, number of users, types of activities). This information will be used to improve the site for but not used to identify individual persons unless required for investigation or law enforcement purposes.

Livewire will monitor user generated content on the site including chat transcripts, both public and private, as well as internal messaging, blogs and groups. Relevant information will be disclosed to parents or guardian, or the appropriate authorities if there is concern for a child’s safety or security or as otherwise permitted by this Privacy Policy or the Privacy Act.

Children (minors)
During the Livewire registration personal information about a minor/minors, parents or guardians will be collected. Livewire will obtain 100 points of identification from membership applicant’s parents or guardians prior to allowing ongoing unrestricted access to the Livewire Community. Such personal information is collected by Livewire membership services and unless Livewire has prior parental or guardian consent it will not be used or disclosed to third parties that do not work with or for Livewire. Livewire members can update their personal information online anytime.

If at any time a parent or guardian withdraws the consent for Livewire to use or disclose Personal Information collected about his or her child, Livewire will take all reasonable steps to cancel the Livewire membership and delete such Personal Information from its systems and records.

Security of Personal Information
Livewire will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the Personal Information it collects, or uses is protected from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Livewire will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that Personal Information is stored securely, and that only authorised persons have access to the information.

Changing or Removing Information.

Livewire will use the personal information to communicate Program Changes, events and updates. Members may choose to opt out of receiving this information at any time.

Access and control over a majority of personal information on Livewire is readily available through the member’s profile area. Members may modify or delete any of their profile information at any time by logging into their account. Information will be updated immediately. Members who wish to deactivate their Livewire membership may do so by informing Livewire Member Services on (02) 8425-5971 or [email protected].

Access to Livewire
Parents will be asked for permission for young people, aged 10-17, to join Livewire and share personal information on the site. Young people aged 18 and over will be asked to provide proof of identity on joining Livewire. Reliable third parties nominated by a member or their parents and deemed acceptable by Livewire will be contacted to confirm the identity of all potential members and their parents.

Member user name and password are used on Livewire to protect privacy and security. It is the Livewire member’s responsibility to make sure that the user name and password are not disclosed to another person.

External Website Links
If any links are used that are offered through the Livewire website then the policies of the organisation operating that linked site will apply to any information the member provides once they have entered that link. Livewire is not responsible for the privacy or security of any such information.

Use of Personal Information and Cookies
Any personal information and any information generated through use of Cookies will be used in accordance with this Privacy Statement for the purpose for which it was collected as well as any other purpose related to Livewire and Livewire’s normal business operations, and also:

  • Other purposes connected with the operation, administration, improvement and development of Livewire;
  • Where Livewire suspects that fraudulent or other unlawful activity has been engaged in;
  • Where use is necessary to lessen or prevent a serious or imminent threat to life, health or safety or such a threat to public health or safety;
  • Where such use is otherwise authorised by or under any law;
  • Use of a user’s email address in order to alert a user to a change of status in their Livewire membership; and
  • Any changes or alterations in Livewire service that affect the user; and
  • As permitted by the Privacy Act

Livewire shares the information it gathers, in de-personalised aggregate form, with third parties.

Policy Changes
Any changes made to the Livewire Privacy Policy will be updated and available on the Livewire site.

Contact Details
Livewire’s priority is to protect the privacy of all Livewire users. For any questions about this privacy policy, Livewire procedures or online privacy issues or to request access to:

Livewire Member Services
Ph: 02 8425-5971

e-mail: [email protected]