Reuse – Recycle – Repurpose JULY’ Mid Year Chill Competition

JULY is here and we have the awesome theme this month of ‘Mid Year Chill’

Being winter and super chilly in most states around Aus and NZ we tend to stay indoors more. It can be hard to venture out and brave the cold in a season like this. unless you are super lucky and live in one of those sunny places (like me hehe 😉 )

This is a perfect time to brush up your skills on recycling and repurposing, making use of things in your home that you might have otherwise thrown out and never thought of again. Thats right… We want to see some creative projects happening while bunkering down for the winter.

The aim: To create something useful and unique out of old items or items that would have otherwise been thrown out.

But how?: The only limitation is your imagination…use pinterest, google and other outlets similar to help spark some ideas and creativity, the options are endless.

Give me some example!: It could be…

  • Art made from recycled materials, like a mosaics for example
  • A bag made from scrap materials
  • A stationary organising station made from old tin cans and decorated with other materials or paint
  • A rug made from old t-shirts..(google it seriously)
  • heres a fun one! you could make little mini succulent pots from old corks stick a magnet on the back and bam! you have a living frigde magnet!? what? I know!!

For reals though… i’ll pop some pics below to get those creative juices flowing…what better way to enjoy this ‘mid year chill’ than to jazz up your room or study space with some awesome recycled and repurposed projects.

whats in it for me?:  Apart from the sheer satisfaction you will gain from saving the environment one project at a time…there are obviously awesome prizes up for grabs!!

ok! I’m pumped as! how do I enter? Great question!

  • Step 1 – Figure out what you are going to make! obvs! it needs to be something that uses recycled or repurposed materials.
  • Step 2 –  Make said thing and take a very proud picture of it
  • Step 3 – Post said picture on the newsfeed with a description of what you made, what you made it with and a little bit about how you will use it.
  • Step 4 – tag @livewirecompetitions and #ReuseRecycleRepurpose
  • Entries close 31st July 2020 11:59 AEST

Note: It’s totally ok and expected that you will need to incorporate some new materials into the project, BUT the aim is to create a project that is primarily from recycled materials.

Judging will be based on your creativity and the percentage of recycled materials vs new materials used.

Happy conscious enviro creating!!!