Storytelling aka Kindlemania

Storytelling is back. Kindles are back! The whole crew is assembling. Are you ready?

Yep, it’s time – time to get your creative writing on. Every member who submits a piece receives a kindle – every. single. one. See the full article below for more info & T&Cs!

It’s been a big year since our last Storytelling September and in that time I’m sure you’ve had many moments of inspiration and come up with some truly wild new ideas! Maybe you’ve even thought about writing the sequel to your 2020 story!

Either way, budding authors of Livewire, this is your time to shine!

This is 100% cool beans buuuut where do I start?

Write what you know, be inspired by the works of others, write a stream of consciousness and see where you end up! The possibilities are endless! You could write with paper and pen, on your laptop or phone, or even via text-to-speech!
Take a walk in nature or the city, read a book, watch a movie or listen to music – inspiration is everywhere and often where you least expect it!

Note: all content needs to be Livewire appropriate (PG rated), and your own work. 🙂 

Your entry could be in any genre of storytelling – here are some examples and word count guidelines:

  • A poem or lyrics (max 250 words)
  • Short Story (500-2000 words)
  • Kids story (max 250 words)
  • A review i.e. movie, game, book (max 500 words)
  • A letter (max 1000 words)
  • Film, play or musical script (250-2000 words)
  • Storyboard or Comic (min 5 words + associated images)
  • Essay (500-2000 words)
  • Article (250-1000 words)

Did somebody say something about a Kindle?: We did! Besides sharing your story with an award winning community of certified legends and progressing on your path to become a New York Times Best Selling Author you also get…a Kindle! For real, everyone who sends us a story gets a Kindle! All of the entries will be uploaded onto it too!

Ok! I’m excited, how do I enter? Great question!

  • Step 1 – Get inspired
  • Step 2 –  Tell your story, give it a title
  • Step 3 – Post your Story to the site or Email your story to [email protected]
  • Entries open 1st September – Entries close Oct 10 2021 11:59pm AEST (Limited to one entry per current & validated Livewire Member. Max 70 Kindles are available for this giveaway after which Amazon Echos will be substituted instead)

We’ll upload your stories as articles to share with the community & tag you. We can’t wait to read all of your entries!

Livewire reserves the right to refuse entries if they do not meet the above criteria